The founders of Learn to Move Academy recognized that many students and athletes lacked fundamental movement skills. In response, they developed Learn to Move Academy – a turn-key movement skills lesson plan that is affordable and adaptable – in an effort to help young people learn the proper fundamentals of movement and develop a fit lifestyle. In an age of sports specialization and emphasis on competition, the development of proper fundamental movement skills is often overlooked. The program is intended for all youths from their entry into the school/organization through age 14 and aids in the development of more fundamentally sound students and athletes, utilizing a sequential program designed to develop balance, stability, dynamic movement, object control, and more – all fit within your valuable class or practice time.

The benefits of adopting a long term athletic development program are numerous and scientifically verified:

  • Reduced injury rates
  • Greater confidence
  • Better overall athleticism
  • Longer sports participation
  • Improved goal setting and work ethic
  • Better academic performance
  • Better fitness for life

Learn to Move Academy offers a turn-key program that is easily incorporated into any school or organization’s structure:

  • Complete lesson plan
  • Hands on training and education of coaches
  • Age specific practice schedules
  • Complete weekly calendars with specific drills
  • Protocol videos for form and technique
  • Ongoing support, updates, and education
  • Performance baseline testing
  • Student/athlete evaluation and rating system

Learn to Move Academy enables you to train your students and athletes. The program enables your organization to incorporate an affordable system where your teachers and coaches are provided with the tools to improve athleticism with age appropriate and fun exercises. Learn to Move Academy also offers options to have our staff conduct training, thereby easing the financial and logistical burdens of offering a physical education program in a time of increasingly decreased funding.