Optimistic or Realistic: My kid is getting a sports scholarship to college

How many times have we heard the bragging parent in the stands about how their child is the cream of the crop and getting a sports scholarship to college? A part of this problem is the conversation is being heard at U10 and U8 level sports!  The unfortunate dreams of a parent being put on their child whom doesn’t share the same dream, but parents do it anyway.  The NCAA says about 2% of all high schools athletes earn a scholarship, how many U10 and U8 players will even play high school athletics?  Let’s not forget interests change as physical development changes.  So yes, let’s continue filling our children with unrealistic expectations instead of being loving and supporting.

As the surgical curve for ACL, MCL, and rotator cuff injuries has changed from college age to middle school age athletes, take a step back and analyze the situation.  We are hell bent on teaching and promoting one sport instead of movements and multiple sports for the reality of maybe one player on a youth sports team getting a scholarship. As the commercial says by the NCAA, “most of us are going pro in something else,” most of high school athletes aren’t playing another game after their senior year is over.

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Supporting Digital Learning for All Students

A recent article in Business Insider describes how Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg got their idea for digital personalized learning from special education. A light bulb lit, and they realized that students placed according to their academic level online is needed for every child—not just students with disabilities. They liked the way special education teachers […]

via 12 Reasons Why Digital Personalized Learning is Not Special Education — Nancy Bailey’s Education Website

Making an Impact or Paycheck

“Don’t volunteer, don’t rock the boat, don’t do anything to draw attention to yourself.”

Are those words of a dedicated professional who enjoys making an impact or of someone who works at a job just for the security of a paycheck and benefits?  Unfortunately this advice is more common than we think in the physical education realm.  Not making a positive impact on children’s health and fitness life skills, pushes America down the road of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and stroke.  Children spend more time at school learning habits and behaviors than at home, with fitness being one of them.

In many states, physical education has guidelines but no concrete way to grade or assess on learning skills for healthy, active lifestyles.  Fitnessgram is a newer version of the traditional Presidential Youth Physical Fitness Program, but how many adults today can honestly say running a 40 yard dash twice a school year taught them about being healthy as 40 year old.  If students run slightly faster, a teacher is given positive feedback and assessment results for their teaching.  Is that truly a fair assessment? What are the teachers doing on a daily basis to educate kids about movement fundamentals and healthy behaviors?  How can a parent know what’s happening in PE when schools are not required to publish any lesson plans like Common Core and STEM?

Parents, ask questions of your school’s administration and board about PE teachers.  What are their lesson plans and job experience?  Public school PE teachers are state employees, let’s make sure they make an impact and not just a paycheck.

Partnerships Make the Dream Work

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It’s hard to make your dreams happen without partners.  Partners can be friends, family, coworkers, or anybody who shares an interest in your dream.  Sometimes partners aren’t always readily available and you have to talk with more people than you originally intended.  But what makes partnerships effective and lasting is being a giver first.  What you can provide to add value without expecting anything significant in return is a true partnership.  People that go into looking for assistance from others with a take attitude do not end up as partners for very long.

We are very grateful for the partnership of Tulane Institute of Sports Medicine.  In searching for healthcare provider partner, Learn To Move Academy spoke with a number of south Louisiana companies.  Some expressed a hint of interest, but none shared all of our values.  When you meet a person and/or organization that truly shares the same beliefs and goals, it is very refreshing and what were mountains now seem like mole hills.  For those entrepreneurs out there that haven’t found “the one”, don’t give up because they are out there.  Keep giving and you will receive everything you ever wanted.